Adjusted Cost Base Calculators

Determine the value of a stock bought over time.

Credit Card Debt Repayments If you purchase stock at different times and different prices, you'll need to determine what is called the Adjusted Cost Base.

The ACB is defined by an average cost, and becomes the new price you would use when you sell the stock in the future. For example, if you purchased 1000 shares of ABC for $12.95, then, 6 months later bought an additional 500 shares at $15.72, and paid $40 in fees for each buy, then the ACB of your shares would be: Example calculation of a stock's ACB

When you sell shares in the stock, you then use this value as the originating cost of the stock.

Use this calculator to determine the ACB of your stock purchase.

First purchase price ($): 

Number of shares: 

Fees paid: 

Second purchase price ($): 

Number of shares: 

Fees paid: 



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