Your Net Worth

Credit Card Debt Repayments Many lenders will want to calculate this value when determining your mortgage position. That's because knowing your Net Worth can aid in determining the amount of downpayment you can afford.

Determining your Net Worth on an annual basis can also provide a long term picture of how you are growing financially. You can then measure your progress against the financial goals you have set out for family.



Value of your property ($):  

Value of another property you may own (%):  

Value of any cars you own ($):  

Amount in your savings & chequing accounts ($):  

Savings bonds, GICs, T-Bills, etc. ($):  

Amounts in any other bank accounts ($):  

RRSP or 401k funds you can use for a downpayment ($):  

Other retirement funds (S):  

Investments - stocks, mutual funds ($):  

Any other assests ($):  

Total Assets ($):  


Remaining mortgage amount on your property ($):  

Any other remaining mortgage amounts ($):  

Outstanding car loans ($):  

Personal loans or lines of credit ($):  

All credit card balances ($):  

Student loans ($):  

Any other personal or private loans owing ($):  

Total Liabilities (debts) ($):  



Note:  Yellow fields will be calculated for you.

Note:   You should run this calculation once a year, and track your financial growth. Ideally, your net worth will increase over time.


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