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Thinking of buying a new home? Looking to renew your existing mortgage? These calculators, based on common values used by the banks in determining how much they will lend, can you give you a head-start. Arrive at the bank already knowing what they will tell you by using the calculators provided here.

Mortgage Calculators

This first mortgage calculator is a very quick and easy way to determine the maximum purchase price of the home you can afford.


Expanding on the simple mortgage calculator, this calculator provides a detailed look at how much you can afford. This mortgage calculator can bring you very close to what your lender will use in determining how much you can borrow for a mortgage.


Prepare a complete financial picture of your mortgage including the complete table showing how much of you payments are spent on your principal and on interest.


Find out how much you can save by increasing your payment frequency, and by reducing your time to repay.


Determine your Net Worth and provide yourself with a picture of how you are growing financially.


More Financial Calculators

Looking to pay off your credit card? Wondering what the cash value of your structured annuity is really worth? Or, Maybe you want to know how much money you can expect to make in your lifetime. There are many other financial calculators available to you by clicking over to the Credit Card & Financial Calculators.

More Calculators





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