Mortgage schedule and chart

Use this calculator to determine your payments, and to prepare a full payment schedule for the length of the amortization period.

If you have not yet determined the amount of mortgage you can afford, try the quick mortgage estimator found here.


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How often will you make payments?




Note:   There are some things you should note about mortgages and their payment cycles.

If you are making, weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly payments make sure that your lender is applying these payments to your account. Some lenders, while advertising bi-weekly payments may only apply them at the end of the month. If your lender does not apply your payments when they receive them, you may be effectively making monthly payments and are not receiving the benefits of paying more often. Check with your lender!

Studies in the U.S. have shown that the average person moves every seven years. If you have a long amortization period, with lower frequency payments, you pay a much larger portion of the interest up-front (see the resulting tables in your calculations. If you move frequently, you may not be "getting ahead" and are spending most of your money paying interest - pay down your principle amount ASAP. To see how big an effect your amortization period has on your mortgage, see our amortization comparer.

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